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New Music Update 17-01-20

A semi regular look at the latest music releases, probably including some not so new ones that I've just come across or forgot to mention before.

All the links are to Spotify or YouTube but you will almost certainly be able to find these on your personal choice of streaming service. If you want a mention, get in touch through the website or the Facebook group.



Track of the Week #20

Lost on Me - Maxx Palmer

Occasionally you come across a band that everyone seems to be talking about. I mean, not exactly 'everyone' but you start to hear enough and see enough to make you start to take notice. Maxx Palmer are one of those... a band that seemed to come from not being a thing, to being a thing over a pretty short period of time. Debut single Hospital released toward the end of last year fulfilled a promise of their wholly committed and energetic live performances, and this follow up replicates the chanty spiky hooks from that track and adds something a bit more raucous to the mix. Bit of Sergio Leone spaghetti western vocals in there too - that's never a bad thing.

There is an Echo - The Ben Drake Collective

In a slightly left field and surprising move, the new release single from Ben Drake is taken from 2017 album Get Busy Living or Get Busy Dying rather than from the new album Afterglow. Not only that, but at only 1:36 it's a clever little tiny slice of acoustic guitar and cello that is best described as just "lovely".



Walking Like We Do - The Big Moon

Over the last 6 months of 2019 I was presenting a breakfast show on a local radio station every Friday morning. While initially it was tempting to just mine my old music collection for the sake of nostalgia I quite quickly realised that it was a lot more fun to get excited about listening to and sharing new music from new artists, especially if they weren't the ones getting airplay on the more mainstream stations. One of the bands that turned out to be a delight to discover was The Big Moon. I'd heard some of debut album Love in the 4th Dimension but it was the promo releases Your Light, and It's Easy Then that really turned be on to the band properly.

Walking Like We Do was released last week - new promo release Take a Piece is a good starting point if you want a quick taster.

If you have new music to let me know about, drop me a line or use the uploader at or post details on The BIG Sound Machine group on Facebook.

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