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Thunderbolt and Lightning

You’d think that with a name like thunderbolt it would make life lightning fast – instead I’m getting more of the ‘very very frightening’ (Galileo!)

I’ve been running a Mackie 1640i desk very successfully to an iMac using the connecting firewire cable but for various reasons have had to change to a new model iMac. The first issue was finding one without Yosemite pre-installed (as Mackie haven’t updated their drivers yet); the second was discovering that the new iMacs have thunderbolt ports only – no firewire!

No problem you think – there’s an adapter.  Except try as I might I can’t get the new iMac to recognise that there is anything connected to it using the firewire cable and the thunderbolt adapter.

Hopefully it’s the adapter that’s faulty – annoying but fairly easy to replace. If it’s the thunderbolt ports then that will be a pain to check and fix, and if it’s anything else – well I’d rather not think about that.  I know that the cable and the desk (and the OS system) all work.  If only there was a firewire port on the new iMac we’d be laughing merrily into the wondrous adventure of our next recording sessions with our sparkly new machines.  Instead, I am left making do and cursing Apple for introducing new technology ports (and getting rid of the old ones) and fearing the worst.  Surely this is not the brave new world of simplified technology that we imagined.  What I always loved about Apple was that ‘it just works’.

Off to the Apple Store we go. Fingers crossed….

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