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Thunderbolt and Lightning

You’d think that with a name like thunderbolt it would make life lightning fast – instead I’m getting more of the ‘very very frightening’ (Galileo!)

I’ve been running a Mackie 1640i desk very successfully to an iMac using the connecting firewire cable but for various reasons have had to change to a new model iMac. The first issue was finding one without Yosemite pre-installed (as Mackie haven’t updated their drivers yet); the second was discovering that the new iMacs have thunderbolt ports only – no firewire!

No problem you think – there’s an adapter.  Except try as I might I can’t get the new iMac to recognise that there is anything connected to it using the firewire cable and the thunderbolt adapter.


Off to the Apple Store we go. Fingers crossed….

#apple #mackie #technology

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