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Track of the Week #11 - Saviour by Thousand Thoughts

Saviour by Thousand Thoughts

There aren’t many bands who progress from formation to a record deal and a single release in just a matter of months.

Thousand Thoughts performed together for the first time in January 2017, under their original name ‘Elswhere’, quickly moving on to appearances at BBC Introducing Live and Wilkestock performing alongside the likes of SLAVES, Razorlight and The Sherlocks.

No strangers to the cruelty of mental illness, the band are passionate advocates of mental health awareness. Their music is infused with messages of hope and support, a personal plea for their fans to speak out as well as a reminder that they are never alone. With a string of successful charity performances under their belt, Thousand Thoughts are proving that music can be a force for good.

‘Saviour’ was released on 27th September 2019, through Marshall Records and Better Noise Records.

Find all the social media links and other information about the band at Thousand Thoughts.

The BIG Sound Machine track of the week is played every hour throughout the day on North Herts Radio.


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