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Track of the Week #12 - Get Well by Cameron Sanderson

Get Well by Cameron Sanderson ft. Faith Marie

Cameron Sanderson started out on YouTube, posting original content and covers. Building his fanbase up from scratch he now has over 100,000 subscribers across the world

This single tackles face on the issues surrounding celebrity culture, and the problems which those caught up in it can experience as a result. Cameron has never kept his own feelings and struggles a secret, ensuring he has a relatable presence in the lives of his followers.

Multi-instrumentalist and producer Cameron has a passion for creating dark, alternative pop, and cites Linkin Park as a major influence in his life growing up; indeed, this inspiration is evident in ‘Get Well’, which draws lyrical comparisons to the seminal band’s song, ‘Numb’.

We've been following Cameron for some time and been constantly impressed by his prolific output, not only as an artist himself but also his work as a producer for others such as Chris Sims (a former Track of the Week performer - check out I Won't Watch Over You and his other tracks to hear Cameron's production contribution) and also performs with Chris as the drummer in his band.

‘Get Well’ was released on 27th September 2019, on Broken Thought Records.

Find all the social media links and other information at OfficialCameronSanderson on Facebook.

The BIG Sound Machine track of the week is played every hour throughout the day on North Herts Radio.


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