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Track of the Week #16 - Love is a Light (For the Lost) by Electric Black

The Calm Before - Album by Electric Black

For the second week in a row the Track of the Week is pulled from a brand new album release.

It was way back at the start of the year when I was first introduced to Hitchin based Electric Black. My friend (and professional Vocal Coach) Gemma Milburn had been working with lead singer Ali, and it wan't long after that he sent me the single The Thrill of the Chase for The BIG Sound Machine, a cracking rock 'n' roll track which showcased what I now know to be their customary swagger and talent for hooky choruses.

We swiftly arranged a Cream Room Session with the band and recorded tracks for The BIG Sound Machine and also a couple more that were subsequently featured on Brian Gray's North Herts Rocks show. Follow up single Gravity had featured in that session and became a big favourite on my show in both it's live and recorded format (usually helped by the fact I couldn't tell which was which on my playout system!)

Along with Brian, Gemma and station manager Bee Phillips we had the great pleasure of attending the recent launch of the debut album The Calm Before at Club 85; a night that definitely didn't disappoint with great support from DrewJam, Coarse, Missy Von Curse and At the Sun.

Promotion for The Calm Before is currently accompanied by the opening track Love is a Light (For the Lost), easily setting the tone for the rest of the album. Make sure you check it out and remember you can he BIG Sound Machine track of the week played every hour throughout the day on North Herts Radio.


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