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Track of the Week #17 - Hospital by Maxx Palmer

Hospital by Maxx Palmer

I first became aware of Maxx Palmer a few months ago when I started seeing regular social media posts advertising events and gigs, but it was a rave recommendation from my friend and local artist Daniel Lumley that made me properly pay attention.

My first face to face experience didn't disappoint either with the trio of Max, Will and Brad literally rocking the North Herts Radio Outside Broadcast Unit at this year's Hertford Musical Mystery Tour. Towards the end of the day they provided and enormous burst of energy that signified them as serious contenders and they further cemented their reputation with me with a stand out performance at The Hertford House Hotel a few weeks later.

Hospital is the first single, with more planned for early next year and it doesn't disappoint. Jaunty, jumpy and quirky it's a great recording debut and I can't wait to hear more. Also looking forward to getting the boys in to the Cream Room for a live session soon.

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