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Two Funky

During the summer I studied at Music Production at IMW in London. It was largely a taster course although it did come with the sweetener of a BTEC Diploma at the end, and proved to be the inspiration and motivation for me to take the plunge back in to full time education.

Among a series of projects for the course, I was required to create a new audio track for a selected video clip; to prove some level of proficiency in the operation of Logic for film editing and an understanding of effects / foley etc.  I searched the internet for suitable short films that would be suitable and inspirational for this project. I had decided I would like something that had a basic narrative story line and came across a great site called ‘Short Film of the Week’.  I was particularly caught by the idea of replacing the soundtrack for ‘PURE FUNK’ as the story line was fun, interesting and amusing – however I felt that the actual music bed lacked some punch. I also realised I had the perfect track in mind for the project.

The original film can be found by clicking the image below.

‘Mix Me Up’ by Cream Room creative folks ‘Fungalore’ (Rob Clydesdale and Heather Lindsay) had immediately come to mind when I initially viewed ‘Pure Funk’. ‘Mix Me Up formed the basis of my revised soundtrack, with atmospheric effects, sound effects and foley added to the feature to give it life.

I was surprised and pleased to find that the scene queues matched very well with the track and not much editing would be required to the original track.  After deciding to trigger track intro at the point where the lead character pushes the BIG RED BUTTON on his console the only major edits were made at 01:02:13 and 01:02:25 to match audio and image transitions.

I really enjoyed the process of working with music and effects to create a new work. While I enjoyed and admired the original ‘Pure Funk’ version, I aimed for something punchier, with the humour in the visual slightly more emphasised due to the fortunate synergy in the timing in the ‘Mix Me Up’ audio track.

Hope you enjoy it, and thanks and acknowledgment to all the original creative teams behind the visual and audio tracks.

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