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Track of the Week #13 - Delicate Mind by Ed Tattersall

Delicate Mind by Ed Tattersall

Delicate Mind is the second single of the year from Hertford Singer Songwriter Ed Tattersall, following up on summer release Never Believe.

Following an accidental theme that has developed over the past few weeks, this week's track of the week is another song that champions the importance of mental health, telling the tale of a struggling mind digging deep for something to ease the pain.

The video for the Delicate Mind will be premiered with the Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM), one of the leading charities focused on male suicide prevention.

Ed comments, "Mental health has been something that myself and a lot of my friends have had to deal with. For me, music has been my antidepressant. I'm on a journey that is filled with constant failure and am constantly confronted with the negative effects of social media, especially when comparing my own success to other artists."

"There have been times on this journey when I would blame music for the burden of anxiety and at times depression. But it's not. Music is my parachute, picking up an instrument and writing a song is my way of getting my overactive mind out on paper. Delicate Mind means so much to me because we wrote it during one of the hardest times of my life, I just hope it helps other people like it helped me. That's why working with CALM on this one is perfect, they're an amazing Charity that are right on the front line of the world's battle with mental health. And for that, they will always have my eternal gratitude and support."

Delicate Mind and the "B-Side" Write It On The Wall (Beautiful Life) were released on 1st November 2019 via Hertford Records/Believe Digital. Find all the social media links and other information at Ed Tattersall Music on Facebook.

The BIG Sound Machine track of the week is played every hour throughout the day on North Herts Radio.


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