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You’ve got to go there to come back

And so I resume with this occasional blog and the ridiculous notion of titling each entry with a nod to an album or song that loosely connects to the subject.  This one (tenuously) reflects that over a year has passed since my last effort.  Sorry to anyone who has been holding their breath – hope that’s worked out ok.

I have been inspired to write again by the imminent arrival of a brand new website for the beautiful Cream Room, which will have it’s very own blog section

So back to the start almost – my very first entry said there would be musings on all sorts, from music to cooking and stops on the away.  I suspect that this will be of far more interest to me than to anyone else but that’s ok. If you are someone else and fancy leaving a comment please feel free – I will almost definitely put it to consideration for approval.  You can’t get much more generous than that.

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